Begin, again.

startI’m 45. I’m easily 30 pounds overweight, likely more but I’m not sure I trust the whole BMI (Body Mass Indicator) thing. I’d trust it more if I wasn’t 30 plus pounds overweight and it said nicer things about me.

Health, fitness, weight – I used to not think about these things. I was once young and fit and immortal. But somewhere along the way that all changed. Like many my age and in my circumstance I’ve tried, succeeded and failed in the battle of middle aged fatness.

So here I go… again.

This blog is for me. If you happen to be reading it, that’s fine. I hope you enjoy some of it, if only to sigh and laugh and move on. There’s is likely going to be no inspiration here and certainly no magic formula and miracle cure. Just the rambling and rantings of a man who wants to record 52 weeks of fighting the battle of the bulge.

The three pronged attack strategy I’ve opted for in this battle is – Sleep, Exercise and Diet (of course I mean my diet as in what, how and when I eat and not some crazy fad diet!).

Stay tuned, there might even be a few pictures – the first ones will not be pretty, well likely none will be pretty, but hopefully those that come later will show a thinner, leaner me. That’s the plan, let’s see how things go.



In the book 4DX by the Franklin Covey team I found the best formula for stating a goal: To go from X to Y by Z. Thinking of this I guess I could state my health goal in this way:

I will go from 201 lbs to 170 lbs by October 23rd 2018.

This is obviously very focused on my weight and not general health but it’s a great indicator and important factor in my overall mission: to be healthy and fit, able to live life to the fullest, provide for my family, participate in all my children’s activities. I wan to be here for them and for my wife ling into my old age.

The three factors I will focus on to achieve the above goal and support mission are:

  1. Exercise: 60 minutes a day
  2. Sleep: 7 hours a night
  3. Diet: Balanced diet, 1900 cals or less a day

More on these later.